As life goes on, where are we heading to?

The Battle of Al-Aqsa

The Battle of Al-Aqsa

“We have no more to lose; now we must take a stand! 
Our ancestors lived here; they ploughed here and prayed… 
Until they fell victim to the Zionist state.

Here we once lived in honor and labored in peace 
Then many were scattered throughout foreign countries 
Where they anguish in exile in poor shanty towns 
Hoping one day to return to our own piece of ground. 

Even though we are martyred by day and by night 
As we struggle to regain the land of our birthright.

Teach our brothers and sisters to follow our steps 
So that each generation craves freedom or death! 

Let our Ummah support us!! 
Let our leaders unite!! 
Let our brave soldiers join the front line in our fight!

Dear mothers, have courage as we hurl our stones! 
Dear mothers, have patience when our bodies come home!”

With rocks in their hands and Jihad on their lips, 
Our youth are defending Al-Aqsa Masjid

With their blood, and their lives as supreme sacrifice! 
May Allah welcome them in the highest Paradise! 



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